Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ten years ago today, Ted and I first kissed. Well, sort of. If you discount an erratic string of one-night stands that occurred during and after college (and one should), this was the first time we kissed. And this was the big one. We both knew that if we got together for real, it might be FOR REAL. And sure enough, ten years later here we are. But it's been a busy decade, you guys.

We started dating:

At a Party with Random Dude in the Background, 2001

Went on vacations:

Utah, 2002
 Moved in together. Got engaged:

Engagement Brunch, 2003
Our "Save the Date" Photo
And then got married:

Wedding, 2004
In between all this, we bought an apartment, sold it, bought another apartment, and I got knocked up. First we had one boy:

Andrew, 2006
And then another:

William, 2008
We sold the second apartment and decamped for the suburbs:

New House, 2009
In the last two years of living in the country (despite Ted claiming that we don't live in the actual "country," it feels pretty fucking country to me, with all the bugs, gutters that need to be cleaned, shopping at Costco and whatnot) I have made a lot of adjustments, you guys. One of the best parts has been having a house to make into a home. I have only made a small start, as is evident from my earlier posts, but have recently reconciled myself to the the fact that it's going to take a while for my house to look like the pictures I see in magazines and blogs. But I'll get there. I know a house is never perfect, but I'm going to get as close as I can. I mean, a home is always a work in progress, but one day I will have all the crap and clutter out and everything in it will be something useful, beautiful, very much loved, or all three. 

As for the relationship, that, too is a work in progress. And I do mean work. It's a fucking second job to keep two people together, monogamous, and not in prison for murdering each other. This past week in particular has been extra tough, hence the lack of posts about fun purchases and improvement projects. I'll be back this week, kicking my clients into shape (are you listening, Sissy? T-Dawg?) and creating beautiful videos. But this past week has been about work of a different kind. And like the house, our marriage will never be perfect. But if you do the work, you can get pretty close. I like being married, but I love being married to Ted. Here's to another decade together, Smoochie Bear.


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