Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As you may know, I have cut waaaay back on buying things for the house in an effort to save my marriage become a financially responsible adult. However, there are a couple of things that were too good to pass up and this pair of mirrors was one of them:

The website selling them, Matters of Style Marketplace, is an amazing source for incredible vintage finds, beautiful fabric, and much more. There are about a million other things that I would love to purchase from them right now, like this brass shell that is big enough to be filled with, say, ice and a bottle of champagne and would look wonderful on my bar:

Or this authentic Louis Ghost chair which would be perfect for my vanity table:

Or this incredible cheetah print fabric (although what the fuck I'd do with it God only knows since I can't sew for shit):

They also have a fashion/design blog which is full of inspirational photos of lovely spaces, helpful DIY projects, links to awesome stuff I want to own, and basically rocks my world.

When I fell for the mirrors, I fell hard, and kept checking the website every day to see if someone had stolen them from me bought them already. Once I realized that if that did actually happen I would cry, and that I could already see exactly where they should go in my house, I bit the fucking bullet and ponied up the (very reasonable) $70 to make them my own. And today they arrived (in a very timely manner, I might add). Here's what I want to do - hang them on either side of the painting above the fireplace in the living room:

Jesus, every time I post a picture I've taken, all I can think about is how badly I want a new camera. I even know which one - the Canon EOS Rebel T2i:

But until that day comes, you guys are going to have to suffer through my bad point-and-shoot photos and just trust me that my house isn't really as oddly-tinted and poorly-lit as it appears here. Anyway, back to the mirrors. The measurements for them were listed on the site, and while a normal person would have measured the space next to the painting to make sure that my vision was going to work, I think measuring before you buy is for suckers (also I couldn't find any of the 6 measuring tapes we currently own). It may or may not surprise you to hear that not only does Ted not share this opinion, he thinks that NOT measuring is for assholes. It's truly a wonder we coexist as well as we do. Well, not to worry, because they will fit perfectly and look AMAZING. I haven't hung them up yet because I still can't find a measuring tape and although I think that measuring before you hang things is also for suckers, Ted gets cranky when there are seventeen nail holes in the wall that need to be spackled and painted because I "eyeballed" it. So for now they are merely propped up on the mantel, but they still look AMAZING. See?

And once they are hung at the right height they will look even better. I love them. Happiness reigns, at least until Ted gets home and wants to know why the fuck I spent $70 on yet more crap for the house that we don't need. So I have about an hour.

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December 8, 2011 at 10:59 AM

That chair is pretty amazing, love it!

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