Friday, November 4, 2011


OK, so I've confessed my addiction to throw pillows, and how Etsy has become my main enabler. Here is the evidence to prove it. Let me start by saying that I think it's perfectly acceptable to have one set of throw pillows for summer and another for winter. OBVIOUSLY the same fabric is not going to be appropriate for every season. I mean, I could probably rationalize spring and fall pillows as well, but we all know that Ted would kill me. Probably by smothering me with a pillow. Anyway. Here are my living room's summer pillows:

There are three for each couch (a purple velvet pillow from Pier One is the fourth pillow in the middle)  and I love them:

These pictures are crappy (Jesus, Ted, I need a fucking SLR camera already! I have one picked out and everything!) so you'll just have to take my word for it that they look great. They are from an amazing Etsy store called Ikat and Batik, which is run by a lovely lady who was kind enough to find extra yards of this fabric to make the six pillows I wanted and do a custom order for me and everything. Also, you get a ten percent discount on repeat orders. Yay! I love Etsy, I truly do. So when I needed wanted to change the pillows for winter, I went back and found these gems:

I love them. If I wasn't married to Ted, and something happened to Theresa, I would definitely want to marry these pillows. I got eleven. Eight like this and two slightly different:

I know what you're thinking: "Eleven pillows? This girl is fucking crazy!" And while you are sort of right, the pillows are not a good example of the crazy. Because even though there are stores that sell these pillows for more than $70 each, I got mine for almost half that at another amazing Etsy store called Joya. But wait, because my living room is not the only room in the house that has benefited from my pillow obsession. My office, also known as the "Mom Cave," doesn't have a desk, really, which is strange for an office, but really I do most of my work sitting with the laptop on my lap and don't need a desk. Besides, the room is tiny and has to double as a guest bedroom when people (T-Dawg or my mom. I am very popular) stay over and there's no room for a desk, so get off my back already. Instead of a desk I have a daybed and it has a lot of pillows:

These pillows are from the same Etsy stores, except for the XOXOXO one, which is from Pottery Barn Teen (a totally underrated site, if you ask me) and while they don't seem to have it anymore they have a ton of other cute ones. Most of the other pillows are from Joya, including the bolster in the middle which she made especially for me to cover a random ugly pillow I bought in a fit of no-taste (it happens to everyone now and then).

And there are a million other Etsy shops that sell incredible pillows at great prices, like Modern Marvelous Home:

So get out there! Buy more pillows! Accessorize your home! Drive your significant other crazy! Two birds, one stone! If he's a man, that is; it's a known fact that men can't stand throw pillows and would like to chuck them all out the nearest window. 

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November 24, 2011 at 5:24 AM

Love these pillows really need some new ones so thank you for putting me on the right path.

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