Thursday, December 8, 2011


This Kate Spade bag has been turning up on holiday wish lists everywhere (magazines, Pinterest, blogs, etc.):

It looks like perfectly lovely bag, and the striped lining is particularly adorable. But it costs about $550! Now check out this very similar item from L.L. Bean:

I'll admit that the lining is nowhere near as cute, and there are some features lacking, such as the long shoulder strap. But it's almost the exact same size, and has things that Kate's bag doesn't, like a nifty divider section that zips closed, and longer handles making it easier to sling over your shoulder. Also, the inside zipper pocket looks bigger. But best of all, it costs about $150! That's right, you guys. You can save $400 and still have a very awesome leather tote. I know that it's very awesome because I own it. Would I steer you wrong? I would not. So if you're looking for a present for yourself this holiday season, buy this L.L. Bean bag instead of the Kate Spade one, and then take the $400 I just saved you and go to Kate Spade and buy, oh, I don't know, stuff like THIS:
Adorable barrettes that I bet look even better in your hair, especially if your hair is brown. Which mine is. Just sayin'. 

Mittens that speak for themselves!

Glamstastic earrings that will make you look like a lady even if you swear like a sailor.

Beautiful champagne flutes for all the bubbly with which you should be celebrating.
A patent leather belt with a bow? I just might have to double my belt collection!

Coasters with instructions that should definitely be followed.
This is billed as a cosmetics case, but I would totes use it as a clutch purse for a fabulous party. I mean, it LOOKS like a party!

Now, some people (Ted) might say that by SPENDING the $400 that I was supposed to be SAVING you guys, I haven't really SAVED any money at all. But that's an awfully technical way to look at it, don't you think? Happy shopping!

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