Friday, December 9, 2011


Farfetched though it may seem, there are actually times when I think of people other than myself. The people I am currently thinking of are the men and women in uniform who are risking their lives while I sit my fat ass on the couch and wait for the football game to start on Sunday.

I am doing plenty of shopping these days, and you are too. I know you are. Don't lie, it just cheapens our relationship. So while you're out there buying shit for yourself, or your family and friends, or your favorite blogger (hey, you never know), why not shell out a few extra bucks and buy some stuff for the people who are providing you with the freedom to shop. I mean, they are providing us with other important freedoms, too, but let's prioritize.

What's that? You don't know what to get for the troops, or how to get it to them? No worries, I have the answer! It's, and it's an awesome site that takes letters from active soldiers and makes them available to you and me.

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You can read through hundreds of letters from actual troops that include their specific needs and wants. The requests alone will drive home what kind of lives these men and women are living - most of them ask for things like razors, shaving cream, soap, feminine hygiene products, snacks, candy, books, and magazines. Things that you and I take for granted. Especially the candy. I can eat my weight in Twizzlers in one sitting.

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Choose whichever letter(s) speak to you and go to Costco or Sam's Club of BJ's or whatever, and buy a shitload of stuff, pack it up in a box and send it off. The site makes it so easy any moron could manage it (trust me, if I can manage this it's not rocket science), and you don't have to pay the shipping to Afghanistan or anything, you just have to get it to the nearest US base (they provide the address) and the Armed Forces takes care of the rest.

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We are lucky to be safe and with those we love this holiday season. Do something nice for some of the people who aren't. 


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December 13, 2011 at 11:31 AM

That's awesome news, it's all for a great caause and would love more people to join in.

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