Saturday, December 24, 2011


No matter how beautiful the beach is, or how good the food is, or how well behaved the kids are, it's still great to get home. And in our case, we barely saw the beach because the brats wanted to spend every second either in the kiddie pool at Pirate Cove, which was basically one big bacteria frappe as far as I was concerned, or at the "X-Box Center" where they could sit in a dark room on a stool about 12 inches from a TV screen playing the same Lego Star Wars game they play at home. As for the food, well, the vegan options were not plentiful, so I basically lived on salad and fries the whole time. And my kids' behavior was nothing short of revolting - plenty of whining about everything from why couldn't they spend every second in the X-Box Center to why they had to sit like decent humans at a table for long enough so that I could choke down yet another fucking order of fries.

We did take advantage of the free professional photo session offered by the resort (you only pay for the pictures you want), at my insistence, mostly because otherwise there would be no photographic evidence that I was even ON the trip since I take all the photos. And that went well:

So we'll have the photos, and after the memories of the whining and the bad food and the no sex because we were all staying in one room fades, we can use revisionist history to remember this as the best vacation ever. Which it was not. So it was really, really nice to get home.

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