Sunday, January 22, 2012


OK, that's a lie. I don't really believe I can fly, no matter how well my meds are working. But I still want a cape. There. I said it. I want a cape. Badly. And I'm not going to get one, and boo hoo, and poor me, and life's a bitch and then you die, whatevs, but that doesn't mean I can't post lots of pictures of the capes from which I would choose, were I to be in a cape-buying position. See how I said "choose"? That's right. Even in my fantasies I am not some greedy, multiple-cape-owning maniac. No, I am clear-headed and sensible, and choose ONE cape in which to be fabulous. But enough about my cape fantasies. What do YOU think of my cape fantasies?

$??? (Don't Even Know Where I Got the Photo)

Vince Camuto, $100

Cole Haan, $775 (!!!!!, WTF, and I Know, Right????)

Via Spiga, $100

Toast, $??? (It Was In Pounds and I Am Bad At Math and Lazy)

$??? (But a Cape AND Plaid? Words Fail Me)
I have a few things to say. First of all, about those capes that look like they have leather trim. I will have you know that is faux leather. I TRY to be a good vegan. Secondly, you may be wondering how you keep your hands/wrists warm whilst wearing a cape, and I have the answer. Cashmere-lined opera length (hopefully faux) leather gloves. I even own a pair, except they are from before I went "full vegan" and they are real leather. I know, I know. Thirdly, who is going to go out and buy me one of these capes? I mean, none of you cheapskates ponied up for those earrings in my earlier post, so my hopes aren't high, but come on. Help a sister out. Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?

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January 24, 2012 at 10:19 AM

These capes are awesome and you could totally rock one. My favorite is the Vince Camuto one. The faux leather trim is very nice and I could see it being both casual/rock 'n roll and also semi-formal/night at the opera. Love the toggle buttons too. Wish I could buy it for you!

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