Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So in 2010 for Christmas, the only nice present I got was a watch that I purchased for myself, wrapped, and put under the tree as though it was a real present, and good fucking thing I did because Ted really fell down on the job that year. In my stocking I got soap. You know, soap. Like for the shower. The same soap Ted uses to scrub his underarms. And under the tree? Stuff from my Amazon wish list, which included things I was planning on getting for other people so that I ended up receiving Call of Duty: Black Ops as one of my gifts. It was pathetic. But this year, while I still got soap in my stocking (JESUS, Ted, I don't want fucking SOAP in my stocking!! Did I not make that clear?) I did get several lovely items under the tree.

My main gift was a map, which might sound strange but we love maps. Our dining room, which is the only part of the house that can claim to be anything close to "done," has maps all over the walls:

When I produced an interview with the President for my "real" job, we ended up doing the interview in the Map Room, which was very cool, but unfortunately led to me making a lot of jokes about how I, too, had a "map room" in my home, and to me talking a lot about the similarities and differences between MY map room and the Map Room in the White House. Neither the press handlers nor the advance security team found this at all humorous, oddly enough.

In MY map room, there's one of Philadelphia, that is one of the first maps to include the University of Pennsylvania, where Ted and I met. There are two from Vietnam that were gifts from my mother to my father. There's one of Paris, where my father lived with the Evil Stepmonster for 20+ years. There are these two:

The top map is of Stockbridge, MA where my sister went to boarding school for what seemed like 100 years. The bottom one is of the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean - the first place Ted and I ever went on vacation. For our wedding, I got Ted an antique map of Venice, which is where we got engaged:

You can even see the garden where he proposed - it was already there 200 years ago! How cool is that:

By the way, this whole proposal thing sounds, like, 50 times more romantic than it actually was, considering that Ted became deathly ill immediately after he popped the question, I had to have an Italian doctor come to the hotel, we ended up going home early, and I'm the only person who's been to Rome and never seen the Vatican.

Anyway, all of this to say that Ted got me a map of where we live now:

It's from 1891:

so it's exactly 120 years old which is kind of cool, and it has the exact piece of land on which our house is built:

Apparently "E. C. Moore" owned a full 32 acres, which is slightly larger than the lot we own. Just slightly, though.

Can't wait to get it framed and on the wall. But Ted, be warned. If I get so much as ONE BAR OF SOAP for Christmas next year it won't matter what else is under the tree. You will be a single father of two so fast your head will spin.

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January 9, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Really interesting map and I love them, they look stunning!

January 24, 2012 at 10:22 AM

These are great. I have a map of Yorktown that the previous owner of our house left for us. I'd love to get it framed: did you frame these yourself?

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