Friday, January 13, 2012


Since my credit cards have been taken away (no joke. Ted told me he thinks I need to go to Debtors Anonymous. I told him I thought he should go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Workaholics Anonymous, and haven't heard much about Debtors Anonymous since) I have been merely window shopping as opposed to actual shopping. It's sort of the same, in the way that seeing and smelling food but not being able to eat it is the same at eating. So not the same at all, really. In fact, it totally fucking blows.

Seeing as how I wouldn't be on my current shopping hiatus if I didn't know a little about spending money on the Internet, why don't I share my knowledge with the world my five followers? Well, I shall! One by one, I will fill you in on my favorite virtual stores so that you, too, can spend spend spend and rack up lots of credit card debt and fight with your husband and... Well, never mind all that. Just check out these stores. They rock.

The first shop I want to share with you is Zhush. I know, it's a weird name. Don't worry about the name. The store's awesome. Here's what I WOULD be buying right now, had not a certain someone changed all the credit card numbers and refused to share the new ones with me:
$60 for set of four
How beautiful are these coasters? They are so nice that I almost wouldn't feel like an asshole asking people to use them. Almost.

And how perfect is this tray? It's so perfect that I wouldn't allow anyone who lives here to put anything in it. But that's just how I roll. You could totally use it to put your keys in when you walk though the door. Or in your bedroom for when you take off your jewelry before bed. Or on your husband's dresser for him to leave his watch in overnight, if you were inclined to be buying your husband nice things right now, which I, personally, am not.

This wishbone makes no sense, but I covet it nonetheless. I see that here they are using it to keep a book open, which is actually a really good idea now that I think about it, and I am sure that there are several other uses that I am not smart enough to have considered. But whatevs, it's really pretty and makes me think of wishes (I wish I hadn't spent money so freely that Ted felt the need to force me to live on the fraction of my paycheck that goes into my personal account every week... Oh, wait. It might be a little late for that one).

$85 for set of four
Mint julep cups! Yay! You can use them for flowers, like in the photo, or for drinking mint juleps. A mint julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, and is essentially bourbon with a some sugar and a spring of mint. But drinking bourbon till you can't see straight is classy if you do it out of a silver cup. Duh. And with these cups, you can have mint juleps anytime. No need to wait for a horserace that only rolls around once a year and after which they sometimes have to shoot a horse because he or she broke a leg. Oh dear, we seem to have taken a dark turn here. On to the next!

These are salt and pepper shakers. I explain this because I am so stupid that I thought they were merely ornamental and almost bought them to display on my coffee table. I still think they are too pretty for salt and pepper shakers, but what do I know?

Now these have my name written all over them. I sign off with Xs and Os and wear mostly small, stud earrings. How perfect? You know, in case someone reading this feels sorry for me and wants to send a little something to help cheer me up while I'm stuck in this financial gulag. Hey, it's possible!


And this has my sister's name on it, literally. It's called the Logan clutch! And it's pretty and sparkly and because it's multicolored you could use it with almost any outfit so it's practical, too. Who says I can't spend money wisely?
And while this did not literally have my mother's name on it, it might as well have and so I bought it for her (this was before the current ban) in pink, and she loves it.

Believe me when I tell you this is just the tip of the iceberg. Zhush is packed with so many beautiful things that I want almost every single item in the shop. Lucite trays, monogrammed pillows, mirrors, clocks, picture frames, pill boxes (just sayin'), and more. All of it lovely, all of it calling my name...

Ah, well, luckily for me, in addition to the shop Zhush also has a blog that showcases everything from beautiful decor to artists to (every Friday) a Random Chanel Item. Who can resist? Not me; I read it every day. So at least I have that with which to console myself until I can convince Ted that I am a financially responsible adult who cares more about the brats' college fund than about having pretty things for myself. Which is going to be hard, in large part because it's not true.


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January 14, 2012 at 3:03 PM

I do love my scarf. So glad I got in under the wire.

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