Monday, February 27, 2012


So when you check your bank balance online, and the balance is in parentheses, that means... what? Well, it's probably best I don't know. I'm only asking out of curiosity anyway.

Anyway, out of the goodness of my heart (and the bitterness of being broke. But mostly the goodness) I am going to steer you towards some AMAZING Craig's List finds that I am too poor to buy and have nowhere to put anyway.

I know that CL is all over the country, as is my readership (insert derisive laughter here) but this post will focus on great deals in the Tri-State area. Just cuz. I'll get to you folks out there in the flyover states soon enough, don't worry! But right now I'm in an Empire State of mind, so here goes:

Both Charlotte Moss and Jonathan Adler say that the main piece in any living room should be a Louis Bergere chair. Who are you to argue with two such great designers? No one, that's who. Now take a look at these beauties:

For just $99 and a trip to Great Neck, LI, these can be yours. Picture them reupholstered, although I actually like the fabric as is. But say you don't need chairs, you have plenty, what you want is a coffee table. Never fear. Take a look:

I admit that I might be biased because my Uncle Michael and Auntie Ann Burr had a table like this when I was growing up and I have fond memories of that house. But still! It's beautiful and just $125 in Westchester.

No need for a coffee table? What about a loveseat?

Get your ass down to the Flatiron district and for $300 you and your sweetie can be cuddling on this cozy two-seater. No? OK, how about a dining room table that comes with leaves to expand it?

Look at that gorgeous wood finish? So pretty. And just $300 on the Upper West Side. But if you already have a place to eat dinner, what about a place to rest your sorry ass? This club chair and ottoman haunts my dreams, I covet it so much:

On a separate but related note, why the fuck do people take such God-awful photos when they are trying to sell their stuff? Is is really that hard to take a decent photo, especially when you are trying to make something look good? I know for a fact it's not because I SUCK at photography and I could take pictures that were about 100 times better than these pieces of crap. But don't let the bad photos deter you, there are gems out there on Craig's List just waiting to be scooped up by savvy buyers such as yourself.

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March 1, 2012 at 11:28 AM

It's true - half the time I can't even see the item properly!

March 7, 2012 at 10:12 PM

The club chair and ottoman are perfect for my imaginary library.

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