Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am a girl, yes, but I love football. My mom loves football too, and so I grew up with the sound of the games in the background on the weekends and Monday nights. Since I am from NY, I was obviously a New York Giants fan, because the Jets suck. I say "was" because the fact is sometimes you have to give up things you love for those you love and one of the things I had to give up was my allegiance to the New York Football Giants. This is how it happened.

First of all, I had the (mis?)fortune of falling for a boy from Philadelphia. Philly sports fans are not normal people. They are rabid animals. Who boo Santa. And beat up fans from opposing teams. And vomit on people on purpose (although I'd like to point out that last guy was technically from New Jersey). Anyway, Philadelphia fans are hard core. And I married into a family of rabid Eagles fans (Ted has three siblings, all of whom I love dearly but they are, well, loud.)

Ted and I have enough to worry about. He's a Republican, while I'm so far left I'm not even a registered Democrat. He works for an investment bank in biotech, while I work for a non-profit that takes on Big Pharma. Rooting for two teams who hate each other and are in the same division was just too much.

So one year, for Valentine's Day, I gave Ted a gift: I would be an Eagles fan for one season. Unless they HAPPENED to make it to the Super Bowl, face the Patriots, and win. (I loathe the Patriots with every fiber of my being). Then I would be an Eagles fan for life. I mean, I figured I was pretty safe - it was February, remember - what were the odds all of those stars would fall into alignment. Well, all but one. The Eagles lost (giving me a real idea of what it was like to be an Eagles fan, had I only been paying attention) but I was a goner. They came so close! McNabb! TO! I went to my first game and Ted had to explain to me that it was not appropriate to flip a double bird and shout "Suckers!!!" at opposing fans when they had small children in tow. I had become an Eagles fan.

It's not fun, being an Eagles fan, but what are you going to do? And yes, we're raising the kids the same way, doing the best we can by starting young. Really young:

It was all going so well.

So can someone please explain to me how the fuck this happened?:

And that's not the worst of it:

I turn my back for one second and I've got one son cheering for the Jersey Jets and the other one bumbling around in a fucking Patriots helmet. (Although my mother was thrilled. She grew up in Northampton, MA, and is actually a Pats fan).

Anyway, all of this to say that since the Eagles spent half the season playing like a team out of Pop Warner's Youth Football League and therefore did not make it to the play-offs, while the Giants are back in the ring with the hated Patriots, we will be cheering for Big Blue all the way on Sunday night. Which will likely only confuse the boys further.

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