Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Brynn over at Chartreuse and a Twist has wisely chosen GREEN for the Color Collective of the week. I have to admit that I have been delinquent when it comes to the last couple of these - I was very busy with that big thing, you know the one, very important and time consuming... Whatever, I'm lame. I have no excuse. But I am back and better than ever before, because green is my favoritest of all the colors in the world.

Here is my ensemble:

Man, that's a lot of green. The fabric under the tray is green dresses. Silk, velvet, satin and a lovely stretchy cotton . In the rear, you'll find a very cheap bamboo plate I believe I bought at Pottery Barn about a million years ago because I couldn't resist the color.

The green moroccan jar is Ted's; his sister Anne was in the Peace Corps in the Berber hills of Morocco years ago, and on one of his trips to visit her he bought this jar and filled it up with sand from the Sahara desert. Cool, right? I saw one just like it, but not nearly as nice, on one of the flash sale sites I'm addicted to, selling for a mere $300 (down from the $500 it originally cost)!!! Who knew?

The elephant next to it is also Ted's, from India or something. He was quite the world traveler before he met lazy old me.

You will also notice a few bags and shoes:

I didn't dare bring them all out lest Ted look up from his work on the couch and notice that I have WAY too many olive-colored shoes and bags. So consider these a token representation. And yes, the reason I have so many bags AND shoes in the same olive green is that I am one of those people that have to have their bag match their shoes. I know, I'm your grandmother. It's one of those rules that no one with any coolness/fashion IQ/youth does, but I can't help myself. I also don't wear white pants after Labor Day, OK?

This necklace probably has the best backstory:

My dear friend was engaged and her douchebag fiancé called off the wedding (FYI this was years ago and she is now married to an amazing man and has three beautiful daughters and a lovely, lovely life, so everything happens for a reason). This necklace was a gift to my friend from said douchebag's horrible mother, so it obviously had bad connotations for her and she wanted to get rid of it ASAP. But it's very pretty (not to mention expensive) and she couldn't quite bring herself to chuck it in the trash, so I very generously offered to take it off her hands. I am SUCH a giver!

Coincidentally, the same friend also introduced me to what is one of my favorite scents:

Bulgari green tea and it's amazing. Sweet, but still adult. I love it.

This is my (and everyone else's) favorite design book of the moment:

If you don't have it, go buy it. Charlotte Moss is a genius, and also a woman of a certain age who puts everyone else to shame she is so chic. I adore her. Not that I've met her. But I can just tell we'd be BFF.

And just to prove that, contrary to popular opinion, I do not in fact have ice water running through my veins instead of blood like normal humans:

This was a gift from Andrew when he was four, and it's the best piece of green jewelry I own.

There you go, my homage to St. Patrick. But I'm not leaving it there. Oh no. I have purchased what is possibly the best St. Patty's Day shirt ever:

I plan on wearing it not only on Saturday, but also to the office on Friday. My boss's boss is having a little festive gathering outside his office for our section. He's serving shamrock cookies and Irish coffee and I think this is the perfect attire. You think I'm kidding.

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