Sunday, April 15, 2012


Thank the Good Lord in heaven above, my kitchen eating area is no longer red. Although I feel I must add that painting is not for the lazy. And I only had to paint half of a 3-walled non-room! And it was still a total bitch. Although in my memory the unpleasantness is already fading, and I am thinking that I can paint William's room, no problem, right? This is how people end up with more than one child.

Anyway, let's do a little Before and After (there's very little that I love more than a good Before and After). It's not really a fair one, though, because the Before photos were taken at night with the lights on, and the After pictures were taken during the day, with the lights off because we had turned off the circuit breaker to the lights in the kitchen so that Ted could put in the new ones (more on that later).

Here's the breakfast nook in all its red glory:

I just threw up a little in my mouth. But for the last time. Because now it looks like this!

I love it. Love. It. Here's the side with the window:

Here's the side without a window:

Here's the reason we need a beverage fridge:

I was all worried about how fixing the wall color was going to make all the other things I don't like  more prominent, like the light and the etagere that's being used as a bookcase for two dozen cookbooks. Because I cook so much (I don't). But instead, I like everything better. Here's the light:

And here's the "bookcase":

Even the table looks better. What? That makes no sense? Fuck you, it looks 100 times better:

So does the beautiful lazy susan from Old Pool Glassworks in Maine, which is owned by my friend Renee who makes and sells very beautiful glass stuff:

Renee also made the nightlights I use in the boys' rooms, and which were given as favors at my baby shower. They are amazing and you should go buy one. But back to the kitchen. The second part of the plan was to replace the ugly red lamps. Here is Ted after removing one lamp:

And here he is removing the other one:

However. Like a lot of things in this house, looking under the surface of anything is like turning over a rock in the garden. You know, when you see all the worms and bugs squirming in the light? Scratch the surface of this old shack and you almost always get more than you bargained for and in this case what we got was some dubious electrical work that Ted was loathe to tinker with:

So a call was placed to Gerard the Handsome Contractor, and until he comes tomorrow this is what I have instead of two new lamps:

Oh well. Stay tuned for Part 42 of Project: Kitchen Facelift to find out how this thrilling tale continues. Will the new lamps get hung? Will I get a new range hood? And a beverage fridge? Oh, the suspense. In the meantime, here's another look at the products of my hard labor:

I still love it.

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April 16, 2012 at 6:22 AM

It looks so great!
(I don't mind the actual painting; I get bitchy thinking about cleaning up -- the brushes, roller, etc.)

April 17, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Why is it that there is SO MUCH MORE paint in the brush when you go to clean it? It seems impossible! I am so lazy I get the disposable rollers/pans, etc and chuck the whole thing once I'm done. But the brushes... Ugh.


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