Monday, April 16, 2012


The title of this post, which has also been the title of the folder that holds the photos for this post, is hysterical. If you don't think so (Ted), you were obviously born with no sense of humor and I feel sad for you. And for the person married to you. It must be hard.

Anyway, back to the armoire. If you remember, when we last saw it, the top was bare except for three old-timey seltzer bottles from Ted's grandfather's soda water company:

I admit, they were looking pretty sad up there by themselves, but I had a vision. And slowly (very slowly, thanks to the current strictures on my spending) it has filled out:

In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's finished, as much as anything is ever "finished" around here:

Everything up there cost less than $20 (thanks to flash sale sites) or was free (thanks to Ted's grandfather and an orchid pot I already owned) so if I find things I love more, any item can be replaced. Although for now, I like it. It's almost exactly what was in my head - lots of blue/green/turquoise in an otherwise very gold-ish room:

So there you go. The lesson for today obviously being that if you have enough patience your vision can be realized, no matter how small the budget. Also, don't marry someone with no sense of humor, especially if you happen to be very funny yourself.


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