Thursday, May 3, 2012


My yard, such as it is. And believe me, these are the high points. You will not be seeing any photos of the large hydrangea bush that inexplicably up and died over the winter for no good reason, or the dozens of rhododendron bushes that line the side of our property (I have an unreasonable but vicious hatred of rhododendrons). Nor will I be displaying the vast majority of the garden that is poorly landscaped at best. 

No, I'll stick to the extreme close-ups of the pretty things. You know, as one does on Facebook so that your ex-boyfriend's new wife thinks that your life is enviably perfect if she happens to stumble across your page. So with that disclaimer out of the way...



A... dogwood tree? Or something?:

And there you have it, folks. That's all I got. But right now, I'm trying to focus on the bright spots and not get dragged down by the rest of it all, you know what I mean?

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