Tuesday, July 24, 2012


OK, Hollen's wedding was AWESOME (though I wore neither of the blue dresses that I posted about). It had everything you want in a wedding: romantic ceremony, funny speeches, touching speeches, an amazing DJ (DJ Rumor, in case you're looking for a DJ in Connecticut), perfect weather, and a happy, happy couple.

But now I have two other weddings looming on the horizon. One is a swanky, late night, black-tie, hotel affair for my work partner. The other, for my brother-in-law's wife's sister (try and keep up), has the ceremony in a church during the day and the reception in a very cool museum later that evening.

I have come to you once again for sartorial advice. Although, to be totally honest, I have already decided. So really I'm just here to show you the two new dresses that I got so that I could figure out which dress to wear to which wedding myself. Hey, at least I'm honest.

Here is dress number one:

Close Up
This dress is from Zara, and costs (wait for it..) $49!!! It's adorable, and practically free, and looks like a tutu, all of which are huge pluses in my book. Well, not the free part, usually I could give a shit about that, but Ted has me on a very, well, stringent budget right now. It's not quite as adorable on me as it is on the model (go figure), but it's pretty cute. Although it's not the most flattering dress I've had on my body. I mean, I don't look like a total porker, but I do sort of resemble a cloud of cotton candy that has been tied around the middle with a string. But in a good way.

I'd accessorize with a skinny belt like this one:
Kate Spade
And wear these shoes (that I already own, Ted! Keep your fucking pants on!):

MICHAEL Michael Kors

Here is the second dress:

Close Up
This one is from BCBG, and was very difficult to find. It's no longer available on the BCBG site, so I had to turn to ShopStyle, (which, btw, is awesome!) and sure enough I found it on Net-a-Porter. And the best part? It was marked down from $400 to a mere $129. The problem? It was only available in a size 2. Which I am at some stores, but not so much at BCBG... So of course I bought it anyway, even though it was non-returnable. It fits. BARELY. But is much more flattering, once I have stuffed myself into it. I would accessorize it with a wider black satin sash:

From Etsy
And these shoes:

Badgley Mischka
BOTH of which I already own (TED!) so win/win, right? This dress ALSO sort of looks like a tutu, but in a more sophisticated way... if that's possible. And I love one love the pattern, and how the top is grey so the whole dress isn't' black because I hate wearing black to a wedding.

I'm sure that you've put two and two together and figured out what I'm going to do. The first dress is for the daytime church/museum reception wedding and the grey/black dress to the fancy black-tie affair.

I'll be sure and take photos at both so you can see the reality of what these outfits look like on a  real person as opposed to the beauty shots from the retailer. Unless I look like ass, or fat, in which case I ain't posting shit. Love you!


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July 25, 2012 at 9:26 AM

I love the BCBG dress, so beautiful! I don't know what it is about wedges but I have the same response to my wife in wedges as Ted seems to have to you. ;-)

July 25, 2012 at 9:13 PM

Mmmmmm, cotton candy

July 31, 2012 at 8:54 PM

Can I wear the black dress to Ginger's wedding?

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