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I know, I know. You guys have already heard of Zara. So what am I bringing to the party? Well, there's a chance that, like me, when you think of this establishment what comes to mind is clothes that were relatively inexpensive, sure, but were also cheaply-made, ill-fitting, oddly-hued, and generally unappealing, low(ish) prices notwithstanding.

Well, times have changed, my friends. And Zara now rocks my world, and will rock yours too. (If you are already aware of this, then feel free to skip this post. But know that you are dead to me from here on out. Just sayin')

Here are some examples of the awesomeness that Zara is now peddling, and believe me when I say that this is but a mere sampling and there is much, much more awesomeness where it came from. But as I am a tad on the lazy side (newsflash!) I decided to choose one item from a few different categories, and in this manner provide you with a carefully curated selection. See? I was thinking of you, dear reader(s?).

Let's start with this darling top:

It is a t-shirt in that it's made of t-shirt material, but I think you'll agree that it's much more. While I am on the fence about the whole "peplum" craze that is currently sweeping the fashion world, there's something undeniably appealing about the look. So here's a chance to get involved with very little commitment. I mean, it's a t-shirt for fuck's sake! FYI: it also comes in navy, which looks like it might be even cuter, but I chose this photo because it was easier to see the shirt.

Next up - a fresh take on the striped shirt that has everyone is such a frenzy:

Now I love a white and navy striped 3/4 sleeve shirt as much as the rest of the world, but I don't particularly like looking like I drank the nautical Kool-Aid, and am choosing my clothes based solely on what I see on Pinterest. So here is a version in olive green and black - which adds a little edge but still looks totally cute. I must have it. Feel free to purchase it for me, size small.

What's that? You want something for your bottom half?:

This skirt is heaven. It has a semi-sheer patterned overlay and a white lining. It's called the fantasy skirt, and in my fantasy I a) own it, and b) would wear it to a cocktail party with a tight black t-shirt, a sheer black scarf wrapped around and around my neck, and high-heeled mary janes.

If you like to get a little more ooh-la-la for a cocktail party, never fear. I've got you covered:

So cute! So on-trend, what with the animal print! And the keyhole detail at the neckline is a nice touch. Another reason I love this is that you can wear it now with bare legs and black or dark brown platform booties. But you can also pair it with opaque black tights and either pumps or high boots once it gets cooler. See? Practical! That's me all over. Just ask Ted. Or on second thought, don't.

Speaking of cooler weather:

I love this sweater. I want to marry it. Or at least take it away for a long weekend. The color, the sheerness, the open back... Love. Of course, I'd probably wear it with something underneath, even if that something was just a brassiere. I mean, WTF? Would anyone really wear it like this? I mean, I am hardly known for my modesty, but I think even I would want to add another layer before leaving the house in this item. But that's just me. Wear it however you want! I don't judge!

And for the feet?:
These velvet loafers are everywhere, I know, but these are lovely, have a slight heel, and I'd wear them with almost everything: skinny jeans, black tights and a mini skirt, cropped cigarette pants, leggings and a long sweater, denim cut-off shorts... So versatile. So perfect.

And the grand finale? This bag:

I would kill for this bag. OK, not really. Well, not anyone I liked. I mean, look at it! Cool shape. Cool buckles on the handles. And the inside! It's big enough to hold all the crap I lug around, and believe me, I lug around a lot of fucking crap. And it has what is my favorite feature in a bag: the central zippered section, where you can stack all the important shit you don't want to lose, like your wallet, or work files, or your prescription medications... whatever. 

This post has made me slightly sad on the inside as I will likely never own these beautiful goods, so I am now going to read up on minimalism, and how one only really needs, like, four shirts and two pairs of pants.

But if you too have been staying away from Zara because you had a bad experience back in 1998 with a pair of pants that did you no favors in the ass area, and then fell apart two weeks after you got them home, it's time to get yourself back there. I swear that this is but the tip of the iceberg. I could have posted almost the entire collection (though you are probably eternally grateful that I limited myself), it's all that good. So go forth and spend! And then send me pictures of you out on the town in your new finery, so I can live vicariously through people with discretionary income!

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August 14, 2012 at 10:51 AM

I already knew Zara was amazing, bought my leather pants at their outlet store in Madrid.

Favorite outfit "Speaking of cooler weather" can we talk about the shoes!!!!! Hello those shoes were/are amazing are they Zara? Love the top would go with pasties and wear as is. Not in love with the pants, they work with the outfit but I am not sure that they would work with anything else.

October 23, 2013 at 4:00 AM

Die Outfits sehen ganz toll aus. Zara hat schon sehr schöne Mode, leider doch manchmal etwas zu teuer, was schon sehr schade ist.

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