Thursday, August 16, 2012


Whoever said "too much is just enough" was speaking my language when it comes to wrist wear. There's nothing I like better than a huge chunky watch and a a bunch of bracelets all stacked up on my arm. Just one arm. I leave the other one bare except for a tiny friendship chain, cause TWO stacked up wrists might actually be too much.

I have trouble, though, because I have freakishly small wrists. Seriously, I can circle my wrist with my thumb and pinky finger. So most bangles don't really work for me, because they're practically falling off, and bigger than the watch, and well, it's just not a happening thing. I have to use stretchy beaded bracelets, and even then i'm better off buying the kids' size. (I'd like to point out that, sadly, I am not freakishly skinny anywhere else. Just my wrists.)

This is my current favorite stack:

Bracelets: Banana Republic, Bauble Bar, the street. Watch: Michele
But you don't have to stay all monochromatic. Mix it up! Go crazy. Really, anything goes, the point is to have it look all jumbled, if that makes sense. Here's another example:

Bracelets: Forever 21, Kenneth Jay Lane, my dad. Watch: Michael Kors
And when I feel the evil forces out there gunning for me (hey, it happens!) I go with this combo:

Bracelets: Amazon, the Philippines (gift from Mercy), Some Store in East Hampton. Watch: Swatch
But enough about me. Here are some much nice examples of bracelet/watch stacks for you to use as inspiration:

I clearly need to add some studded leather bracelets to my collection (SHUT UP, TED!) because they look amaaaazing, huh? Well, there you have it. Go forth and stack, and let everyone know you are coming from 50 feet away just from the jingle-jangle on your wrist :)

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August 17, 2012 at 2:45 PM

stack that shit up -- yes!!
I LOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEE a good arm party!

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