Friday, September 14, 2012


I am entering the final stage of a project - Client #7's living room to be exact. And as we work through the finishing touches, several people have expressed surprise, disbelief, even shock, that anyone would take my advice on how to make their home look awesome, let alone PAY me for it. I might add that many of these reactions have not been particularly polite. Which sort of makes it seem like they think I have no taste/ability/design sense/eye for detail/etc.

So you will understand when I tell you that my response has, for the most part, been along the lines of "Fuck you! My house is nice, goddammit! And if my house is nice, why shouldn't I be able to make other people's houses nice?!" But then I went home and took a good look around and realized that my house was not, in fact, looking so nice. To be honest, it was a total dump. So much for my "leading by example" mantra...

But look, things get away from all of us! The issue isn't whether or not you have a dump of a house, it's whether or not you can get up and fucking fix it. So that's what I did. Starting with the living room. And once I was finished, I took a shitload of pictures as evidence, because with two small boys in the house (plus Ted), not to mention my own laziness, the odds are not good of it staying like this for very long.

Here you go:

Now look. I'm not saying that the "Moroccan Bazaar" look is for everyone. But it is, at least, a "look"! And the living room is a comfortable place to hang out, which is fortunate since we have no family room (which is why there's a giant armoire in the corner to hide the TV). Considering that I'm married to Tightwad Ted and pulled together this whole room on a budget of basically nothing, it's not too shabby.

When you see the After photos of Client #7's living room (which, by the way, looks NOTHING like a Moroccan Bazaar), you will see that I am capable of taking a space and making it nice. Then you will all have to eat your words. I won't mention any names, but you know who you are. Oh, you know.

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September 15, 2012 at 10:53 AM

You're a riot! Just do what you do gurl; don't let those haters get you down because you're getting paid. Like BIG said Mo Money Mo Problems!

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