I have a day job producing video for the Interwebs, but in my spare time I want to help make your life resemble the pages of a magazine. Creative organization for all aspects of your existence. 

I address the mess that accumulates in one's living room, office, closets, marriage, and life in general. And whatever kind of life you lead, I can document it – creating a video that you will want to watch and keep forever. Or until digital media becomes obsolete in which case you are SOL, my friend.

I believe that honesty can coexist with beauty, and that the truth, if not pretty, is pretty fucking funny.

I am a preppy princess who has several tattoos and swears like a sailor. I live in the suburbs of NYC with my long-suffering husband and two predominantly indifferent children.

Be forewarned – if the f-word and frank talk of life, death, sex, marriage and kids offends you, move along. But if not, stay and have a few laughs – with me and/or at me, either way it's all good.

My initials used to be ABC. It became a nickname and I am sticking with it as it's way cooler than my current initials which are ABT. As for MY name, it's Ann Burr. Two words, one name. Like Mary Jane, but not as pretty, and infinitely more annoying to have to explain to everyone you meet for your entire life.
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